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Should you quit your job? Take our quiz.

4 days ago 39

Work occupies nearly half our waking hours. Yet only half of U.S. workers say they are extremely or very satisfied with their jobs, according to data from the Pew Research Center.

So how do we know when it’s time to consider something else?

The Help Desk spoke with career experts about signs your job is no longer meeting your needs. Take this quiz to find out if it’s time to make a change.

A figure with their head on their desk.

Question 1 of 8

How often do you feel bored at work?

A person with a trophy.

Question 2 of 8

How often do you feel valued, autonomous and that you have purpose?

A person's face on money.

Question 3 of 8

Do you feel you are and will continue to be fairly compensated for your work?

A figure with a pencil and a horse.

Question 4 of 8

How often do you learn new skills and feel able to advance?

A figure with a giant backpack.

Question 5 of 8

How often do you feel burned out or stressed by your workload?

Figures dancing.

Question 6 of 8

Do you feel good about your relationships with colleagues and supervisors?

A person on a plane bursting through a calendar.

Question 7 of 8

How often do you daydream about leaving your job or doing something different?

A figure in flowers.

Question 8 of 8

Do you dread the start of the work day or get anxious the night before?

You need to answer every question and rank its importance to see your result. You’re missing questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

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