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Jason Shah Reacts To Ex-Girlfriend Anusha Dandekar's "Lies" Comment: "Had Not Taken Her Name"

3 weeks ago 31

 'Had Not Taken Her Name'

Jason Shah and Anusha Dandekar in a throwback picture. (courtesy: X)

New Delhi:

Heeramandi actor Jason Shah reacted to his ex-girlfriend Anusha Dandekar's cryptic post after he talked about his past relationships in an interview. Speaking to Hindustan Times, Jason Shah said he was misquoted in that article. "Honestly, I don't want it to go on any further. I don't want to comment as it gets childish to go back into the past and dig up all those things," he told the publication. Jason Shah told Hindustan Times, "What happened is someone asked me about Anusha and I had not taken her name or specified anything towards her. I just spoke about my past relationships in general. The way that article came out was me pointing directly at her, which was not my intention at all. As they say, why rustle up feathers?"

If you haven't followed the chain of events, here's the update for you. In an interaction with ETimes, Jason Shah had confirmed his breakup with Anusha and he said, "I have had a big spiritual change in my life since then (his last breakup), which has made me wiser. It was rushed. I didn't really think about it. The other person didn't really understand me and I felt they were trying to make me fit in their box. And that is not going to happen, right?"

Prompted by Jason's remarks, Anusha Dandekar shared a cryptic post on her Instagram stories a few days later. She wrote, "At this point, if you google my name, first it was me trying to fit someone in a box! Lies! And now this. Another lie! I've not spoken to anyone and they won't even call me for this show coz they know my answer. I should be paid for the PR though."

She added in her post, "I like that everyone wants to use my name. I guess I should be flattered but how about you all start speaking some truths like how my film - Juna Furniture - is on its 6th week in cinemas, almost 7th now, and what a great film it is! There are some facts! Go watch it."

Jason Shah played the character Cartwright in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Heeramandi and he received praise for his performance. 

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