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Cooking chat: What’s a good party dip for Fourth of July that can sit out?

1 week ago 16

Every Wednesday at noon Eastern, food writer Aaron Hutcherson and recipes editor Becky Krystal provide practical cooking advice with customized answers that you can’t find on Google. They answer questions like “Do you need to rinse rice?” and “Is it safe to leave butter at room temperature?”

But there’s more! Often, your excellent questions inspire us to write full-length articles. Recent posts have covered broth vs. stock (and whether it really matters), foolproof ways to cook fish and a look at carbon-steel pans.

Aaron and Becky both write and test recipes for Post Food, our team dedicated to helping you cook with confidence. We’re hoping this weekly chat will be a lively conversation where you can figure out any issues in the kitchen and identify new recipes for you to try.

Want more recipes and tips? Check out our past chats, catch up on recently published recipes with our weekly Recipes newsletter, or sign up for the Eat Voraciously newsletter, in which Julia Turshen shares one quick, adaptable dinner recipe every Monday through Thursday.

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